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Making A Baby

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Bridgette Burton

We had our first child for free, this time it was going to cost about $12,000 and writer’s cramp.

Dr Nick was a warm, avuncular Greek man. There were pictures of grandkids everywhere in his office. His manner was warm, his tone realistic. He walked me through the whole process.

"I will do one round and no more". He smiled like he had heard that before. “We won’t let you do more than four,” he said. FOUR! One. One was what we were doing.

I wanted to keep it under control, this baby-making process. I wanted to be in charge of something, even if it was just how many times we would do it.

Also, I was so certain it would fail. I just needed to get through this one round, and then I could stop trying.

At the end of 2014, we began. I took home a cool-bag with nine injections in it. Each day, at the same time, I pinched up the fat on my tummy and jabbed the solution in. It wasn’t that painful. The needles were very fine and slid easily into the skin.

I apologized to my body, which hadn’t even had so much as a contraceptive in it since I was 18. I was flooding it with confusing hormones, I just had to hope that my body came through with the goods.

The injections encourage your body to grow lots and lots of eggs. Although most women release just one egg a month, we actually have the ability to release a great deal more. For some women, this number can be as great as thirty. In my case, after extensive sonograms, I knew that I could produce a maximum of eleven. Dr Nick was warm, but not effusive about my eleven possible eggs. They wanted more, I knew that. The more eggs available, the better the chances that there would be a viable embryo.

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