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The Last Airport

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Vacen Taylor

Mr Last laughed. ‘Money is not a problem?’ He walked to the door. ‘My girls need the company when I’m away trapping.’ He opened the door and left, closing the door behind him.

Dave shuffled around to a sitting position. ‘Anna, come over here. I have a pocket knife the side of my shoe.’

‘Why do you have a knife in your shoe?’

‘If I crash somewhere remote at least I have a knife.’

Anna rolled off the lounge with her hands tied behind her back and wriggled her way over to Dave.

‘Left shoe.’

Her fingers found the knife. She shuffled back and handed it to Dave. He sawed the rope around her hands. Then she cut the ropes from around her feet.

‘Look for the shackle keys,’ Dave said.

‘I think they’ll be on his belt.’

‘Just look.’

Anna rummaged through the box on the table. Under the pile of little pink clothes she discovered a little black book, some newspaper clippings and a black garbage bag filled with something firm. She flicked through the pages of the book. Handwritten words filled each line. To Jenny and Jane. I love you. Anna opened a newspaper clipping. It headlined ‘Man Wanted for Bank Robbery’. A photo of a younger Mr Last sidelined the title. The next clipping, ‘Man Flees after Killing his Daughters’.

Page 7

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