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The Last Airport

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Vacen Taylor

‘Nothing tastes better than tea made in a billy. Drink up. Then lights out,’ Mr Last declared.


The next morning Anna woke up feeling groggy, slumped over in the old two-seater chair. Rope tied her hands and feet. Dave stirred on the floor to the clanking of shackles around his hands and feet. The door swung open, and Mr Last strode in, keys still jiggling. 

‘Nice to see you’ll be stayin’ for a while.’

‘What is this?’  Dave pulled at the irons around his ankles.

‘Can’t have you leaving. The girls would get upset if you left.’ Mr Last smiled at the wall by the curtains.

‘What girls?’

‘My two girls.’ He gestured to the space again. Then he pointed to Anna. ‘They like you because you remind them of their mother.’

‘You can’t keep us here,’

Dave shifted his legs. Mr Last leaned over to Dave. ‘Who’s gonna stop me, hey?’

‘Clearly, you are insane,’ Dave said. ‘Take these off right now.’

‘No can do.’ Mr Last said, straightening up. ‘I got some traps to set.’

Dave cleared his throat before producing his fake smile. ‘If it’s money you want, I can help.’ 

Page 6

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