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The Last Airport

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Vacen Taylor

‘I’m scared, Dave.’

‘I know.’ Dave gave Mr Last a friendly wave.  ‘But it’s our only option.’ He found the bird’s legs and heaved carefully. The bird loosened and came out almost intact. ‘That’s good.’

‘One day,’ Anna stated. Dave nodded. Suddenly Mr Last was standing next to them. ‘What’s the damage?’

‘Nothing much. I’ll fix it tomorrow.’ Dave said.

‘Hmm, you better get inside. There’s a dingo over there watching you.’ He pointed to the east. Sure enough, a lone dingo stood there looking skinny and hungry.  Mr Last started a fire behind the shed and cooked the rabbits. The hiss of the gas lantern in the centre of the table merged with the munching of bones that Mr Last enjoyed eating. The juices from the meat leaked out over his beard as he chewed until finally he leaned back into the chair with a look of contentment and closed his eyes.

‘I like rabbit,’ he said. Then he slapped his hands down on the table and inhaled a deep breath. ‘Time for a cuppa.’ He pushed himself up and walked out of the shed.

Anna leaned over to Dave. ‘I would rather take my chances with the dingoes.’

‘No, you wouldn’t.’

Mr Last walked back in, holding three cups. ‘Tea for three,’ he said. Anna accepted the cup he offered her. Dave did the same. 

Page 5

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