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Notice of Eviction

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Barbara Burdon

Whole cities began to change, slowly turning themselves into a series of green buildings. The now, mainly unused, streets sported fruit trees, beehives and container gardens down their centers with the communities on either side taking responsibility for their care and harvesting.

The homeless in the cities were the unexpected winners. Cars were their new home, providing shelter and safety. Soon they began towing them to the abandoned car parks, creating new communities for themselves.

It took a few months for the people to realise they were much happier without the digital armour that had surrounded and isolated them. They were now rediscovering the power of connection, the power of contribution, of feeling valued and appreciated, feelings that were new to many.

Finally the people of Earth began to live as nature, and the Elders of Meranga, intended. There was certainly a vastly new and different appreciation of Earth all around the world; her beauty, her incredible range of animal species and her ability to provide all of the resources that mankind needed, as long as the planet was respected. As time moved on the big question was; would they be allowed to stay?


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