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Notice of Eviction

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Barbara Burdon

Petrol and electricity supplies were eked out and only used for emergencies. The only electricity available was from those who had previously installed solar panels and batteries, available in some city buildings and in some private homes. These were soon required to be shared with their local communities. 

It took several weeks for people to finally work out that their chances of survival escalated rapidly only if they worked together, rather than take the lone wolf approach. Violence and hate seemed to have vanished. There just wasn’t time for it. Everyone was too busy. Everyone’s skills and abilities were now needed. Everyone had a part to play in this drama. Everyone was needed, from the very young to the very old. Small communities were being created based on where people lived, everything now had to be within walking distance.

Measurement tools were set in place by the scientists and published through the Internet. The New Internet now only showed the key areas of the Repair Earth Project. What was getting results? What didn’t work? What progress had been made in the key areas identified by the Elders of Meranga? The old Internet had been archived, along with its millions of Facebook accounts and cat videos. They were still there, but with power limited were now inaccessible.

The sharing of patents, long hidden from the public domain, offered new power sources, as the Elders of Meranga had stated. Tesla’s original plans to generate cheap electricity and communications through the Earth were retrieved and rapidly implemented. The wisdom of the natives all around the world, whose knowledge had been previously disregarded, now became a key factor in rebuilding and restoring the lands. People who thought outside the box began to be appreciated and valued. Their discoveries and suggestions were now openly shared. Solutions, they discovered, were all around them. But this time they were shared.

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