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Notice of Eviction

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Barbara Burdon

The Earth’s population was in shock. This was no hoax. The aliens, never mind their fancy title, had in a bare thirty minutes taken away all of the world's governments. They had no one to rule them, plus it was clear, the threat of eviction was real.

The population erupted in total consternation. It was scary. How on earth were they supposed to fix Earth? It wasn’t their problem. It was their leaders, both those who had refused to take meaningful action, and those who had delayed it. Leaders who had been swayed by powerful factions and lobby groups to ignore taking the actions required. Leaders who had refused to believe in climate change. Leaders who doubted the evidence their scientists produced. But now their leaders were gone.

So too, they shortly discovered, were the corporations that had done the most damage to the earth through the exploration of oil, gas, and mining. Even worse news followed. The oilfields, natural gas extraction wells and mines all over the world had totally stopped production. They all appeared to have been totally sealed over with some impenetrably material, unknown to man.

Total chaos reigned for the first few weeks as the people struggled with their new reality. It began with looting and raiding shops for supplies but within days there was nothing left to raid. Money had very swiftly become useless as the banking world collapsed, as did cryptocurrency and other digital assets. Gold worked for a while, for those who had it, but soon food became a better bargaining tool. Survival was what it was now all about.

Page 5

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