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Let Us Build Together

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Tricia Natoli

Without shelter, the heat was intense, and a number of volunteers succumbed to heat stroke. Bottled water was brought round at short intervals in an effort to keep us hydrated. As the walls went up they created a little shade as we worked inside, but this was short-lived when it came time to paint the outside. It was inspiring to see Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter working on the house they had been assigned, with no special considerations offered or expected. Other volunteers were told the Carters would be happy to have their photographs taken but requested they not be interrupted, as their house had to be finished on time too. In all 293 homes were built over the six sites and it was a proud moment for everyone when the keys were handed over to the homeowners. The houses we helped to build became known as Isiahville.

At the end of the Build a representative of HfH Australia asked if Robin and I would lead a Short-Term Mission to GauGau on the Huon Peninsula in Siki Cove, Papua New Guinea, the following year. Always up for adventure we readily agreed and were soon talking about what the following year would bring.

When we reached home we immediately recruited a group of like-minded friends sympathetic to the aims of HfH and eager to go with us. Others became our support group and helped to raise funds for travel costs. Our imaginations ran wild.

 “Sooky dolls” were very popular at the time so a couple of us made several. Once suitably dressed from local Op shops they were sold, raffled, loved and a source of great fun as they were posed standing or sitting in all sorts of unlikely places.

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