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Sara Jarrold

‘Are you going to tell him I told you?’ spluttered Judith, trying to recover herself.

‘Well, you see, if I tell him, he will end it with you. You realize that. This is not the first time, my dear.  You do see that now don’t you?’

‘Please don’t tell him please.’  Looking into Polly’s eyes, she said ‘How can you be so blasé and duplicitous, living with him if you know what he’s like?’

‘We’re very much alike Jeremy and I. I won’t tell him if you don’t want me to. We women sometimes have to rally. Yes?’

Polly gently grabbed Judith’s clenched fist, made her drink a bit of champagne, and ushered her into the other room without going in herself, yelling to Jeremy, ‘Darling, our last guest has finally arrived.’ She stepped back and looked at herself in the mirror for a long time.  She fixed her hair and got into the correct posture.

Jeremy called out, ‘Darling, come on.’

Polly replied, ‘Coming darling, coming; let the party begin'.


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