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Sara Jarrold

‘I mean. You’re his type: That way he won’t have to leave me. It won’t be demanded of him.’

‘How can you say that to me? You don’t know me’.

‘You’re a mother now. That changes things. When was your baby born by the way? Was Jeremy there for the birth?’

‘How could he have been? He had to go to London for work. I had the baby the day before he left. Jeremy said he wouldn’t be able to see me for the week’.

‘Oh dear’, replied Polly, smiling. ‘So in May… that’s when we were in the South of France, we joined him after his London deal signing. Little Archie had a family dinner there for his birthday, just the three of us. Jeremy was so keen to extend the trip to make it a special day for Archie’

Judith could feel her heart pounding in her throat.  

Polly continued, ‘Do you always believe what Jeremy says? I would have thought you would be beyond believing what men tell you, especially men like my husband. Are you alright?’  There was a long silence.

Polly tried to reassure her, ‘Listen, you need to toughen up. If you want Jeremy he will not want you to be so demanding. You need to get a grip’.

‘But our son… a son needs a father’.

‘Yes, I completely agree. Archie has Jeremy whenever he wants; well, whenever time permits that is. Darling, this is the main course. Have a look around you.’

Judith stared at her, speechless.

‘You thought he loved you, but don’t you see, he would never give this up. We made love only last night.’

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