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The Story Teller's Tale

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Clare Rhoden

My name is Alys and I am the Story Teller of the Storm People of the Upland Tribes. Grandchild, listen to what I say.

My father told me this tale, and he always said he was lucky to be alive to tell it, for two reasons.

One, because if he wasn’t still alive there would be no story, and two, because if he wasn’t still alive, no other person could tell the tale.

If my daddy didn’t live, then I wouldn’t be here, and you wouldn’t be here either, Daisy. So listen up now.

My daddy lived for many years after this story, but he never got tired of saying that if it wasn’t for his greatest enemy, he’d be dead. You might wonder why his greatest enemy would help him stay alive, and that’s what I’m going to tell you now.

Many seasons ago, before I was born and when my daddy was just a wee boychild who hardly even knew how to say his own name, there was a great massacre out on Broad Plain. You won’t know about Broad Plain because it’s under the Plain Ocean, the one that came in all over the land back in the old days. That’s why we all live in the Uplands now, yes, you’re right, Daisy.

Now, out on Broad Plain, my daddy–just a wee little boy remember–and all his family were hunting, when a big pack of Ferals attacked them. Ferals is another thing we don’t have these days and that’s good. 


Page 1

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