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The Last Airport

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Vacen Taylor

A large, grafted scar on his right hand might have been an exciting doorway into understanding something about this man. But as he leaned over towards Anna she thought better about asking. He gave her a good sniff. ‘I smell a city slicker’. His crotchety tone kept her silent.

‘Don’t hold that against us’, Dave said jokingly. Mr Last didn’t like Dave’s attempt to lighten the mood. ‘Oh, I will. Yes, indeed.’ The silence after felt awkward. ‘Our plane hit a flock of birds. I have to clean out the air intake and then we’ll be on our way.’ Dave half smiled, and half frowned at Mr Last.

‘Hmm.’ Mr Last offered nothing more. He tossed the rabbits onto the table and pulled out a menacing looking knife, blade sharp and shiny. He stretched out the rabbit and begun skinning it.

‘It’ll be dark soon,’ Mr Last said. ‘Can’t work at night without any light.’

‘You mean there’s no electricity?’

‘No power and no toilet either. You’ll have to piss and crap out there.’ He pointed to outside with the knife, blood dripping from the blade onto the concrete floor. ‘Bet that will be a new experience for you.’ He grinned to himself. Anna watched Mr Last cut open the rodent.

‘Well, I better lock up the plane,’ Dave said. 

Page 3

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