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The Doctor's Visit

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Barry Revill

So he’s gone now, and I am here. I can sit now; I can rock back and forth, nice and slow. And I can think now because it is quiet, even the leaves and the shadows are not a worry today. But they will be a worry, I know they will, they will come back, all the shadows, all the thoughts, all the mumblings in the night, the screams, the yelling, the white coats rushing past my bed, the muffled sounds as the screams go quiet, the smell of fear, the smell of shit, the muffled quiet. And outside I can see a tree, and there is bark, and leaves hanging low. There is bark on the ground all around the tree, in parts it is piled up quite high, for that is the way it is meant to be, that is the way of things. And down the little path a bit, down towards the ha-ha wall, I can see where the path starts to curl round a bit and that is where I am sure it drops down to the street. On clear days I can hear the kids going past, can hear their talk, and I can hear all about the important things kids have to talk about. 

Page 5

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