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The Doctor's Visit

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Barry Revill

“Eliza, drawing on what you say, the conclusions I have drawn, based on the available evidence, I would say you were happy then.”

“Dr Gillespie, I think you should take a lesson in brevity.”

“So, Eliza, what happened to your friend, why did you stop seeing him?”

“Don’t you bloody listen? I told you before; I was put in this shit hole, not fit for a dog this place, not fit for a dog, that’s what I say, not fit for a dog, not fit for a dog.”

“Ok Eliza, settle down now, settle down.”

“Settle down my ass, what the hell do you know about this place? You, with all your forms. You, with all your smart questions; forms, questions, forms, more bloody forms, leave me in peace will you, leave me in peace. Do you know who I am, and how I came to this bloody place? I bet you don’t. Do you know how I lost my George, what my life has been like since then? Do you know what it is like for a woman to be lonely, to feel as if there is not a friend anywhere, to have no work, to have no pride; do you know what it is like to be this way? Of course you don’t, so bugger off.”

“Now, Eliza, I have to talk to you.”

“Bugger off!”

“Eliza, in our discussions, we have to try and get to the aetiology of your condition.”

“The what?”

“The aetiology.”

“Any chance of saying why I got crook in the head?”

“Well, Eliza, I think that might be enough for today, thank you for your time, I will see you again soon.”


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