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Barry Revill

Mrs Thorneycroft was an honest woman; Mr Thorneycroft was an honest man. He worked at McEwen’s Motor Body Works where he had, as he often told Mrs Thorneycroft, been the production supervisor for twenty-seven years. On Sunday mornings Mrs Thorneycroft went to church. When she came home, she always spoke to Mr Thorneycroft. He told her this was important in their relationship and she should always understood this, even when he had gone. Mrs Thorneycroft was never sure, when he referred to his going, whether he was talking about going to McEwan’s Motor Body Works, where he had been the production supervisor for twenty-seven years, or, to the place referred to by the minister last Sunday week. Mrs Thorneycroft found all of this very confusing.

Mr Thorneycroft always read the paper before dinner. This took a little while and he always read it by himself, quietly, while the dinner was being prepared. The plates were placed quietly on the table and there was no banging and crashing around with the pots and pans, like she used to do before she was married. Things had to be quiet for Mr Thorneycroft, when he came from work at McEwan’s, where he had been the production supervisor for twenty-seven years.

Mr Thorneycroft always told Mrs Thorneycroft how busy he had been at work, all the things he had to do, the people he had to deal with, and, oh!, the problems that he has some days with the responsibility of it all. Sometimes he put the radio on, very quietly, very classical, and he would listen to a Strauss waltz, or something like that. Mrs Thorneycroft tried to ask him one evening about the music, even why he liked it. He lowered his paper, and just sat there, staring at her, then, raised his paper and resumed reading.

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