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Tricia Natoli

Where’s the light? couldn’t find it

Someone took it. I have put a new one in.

Please, if you can, replace light. I sometimes visit in da middle of da night – would be appreciative

New light – top right. Press to switch ON/OFF. Hope this one isn’t stolen.

Thank you for replacing light

We have been very fortunate; apart from the theft of a cheap light and two more expensive ones, there has been no misuse of the library. Only one obscene comment has been left in the book, but at least the young people stopped, looked at the books, then took the trouble to write.

There finally came a day when the sheer volume of books started to be overwhelming. Donations of 20 or 30 books in a day are not uncommon; one day at the end of November someone left 70. We could not put another shed in our garden so reluctantly decided to be selective in what was kept for the Library. Books printed before 2000 are sent to the Lions for them to sell. Magazines rapidly become out-of-date and ragged so, along with political and religious tracts, are sent to be recycled.

The newest book to be donated was the last volume in Hilary Mantel’s trilogy, The Mirror and the Light. Released on 3rd March 2020, a pristine copy was in the Library not long after. 

The oldest book donated to date is a Memoir of Her Majesty Sophia Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Queen of Great Britain. Printed in 1818, it is unfortunately in poor condition but still readable.

When the pandemic began and public libraries closed, we wanted to keep the Library open. The EFH covered the door handle in copper, the least likely material to harbour the virus. The number of books donated and taken shows how pleased our community was to have the opportunity to continue to read.

Thank you for your great books, it keep happy in this hard time (sic). Well done

Although we had no fatalities in Ballarat one reader touchingly wrote:

No mourning is a good morning.

And still the books come in and out…


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