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Tricia Natoli

In carefully written print the children added their comments:

Thank you for the Sailor Dog book – Willow

Thanks for “Mr Happy” – Logan

 More seriously, the Library was bringing comfort to people who were distressed, or not doing well.

Hi. I lost a friend of Thursday morning. Thank you so much.

Your little side-of-the-road library is a great idea and there should be more of them. I am a man in a wheelchair with both legs amputated just recently, and I can’t wait to see which books you have every week. I’ll enjoy your books every time.

Thank you. I’m going through a difficult time. Thank you for offering some happiness.

Wow! I just read a while back, James Freud’s first book - have been looking for the next (Rest in Peace). I will be back with some Gold I do believe. I am actually unwell (ongoing, will improve coz it will). This made my day.

Some wrote at length, as a way to vent their feelings.

Hello!! Saw you the other day with my girl (bike) I collected her at school early yesterday (sick) Hoping something here to cheer her up! I like to give back – today I can’t but will. A wonderful thing you are doing……discovered no hot water just then – I will be attending to errands (f. shop bananas) for her. THEN seeing what the cause is. So, in MANY ways you may not realise, truly more than just a book service…. Raises spirits! I shall bring more when I can, I don’t often get a chance on my own – so I applaud you.

The story behind the following comment written over a few days can only be guessed at, but loneliness and isolation come to mind:

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