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Tricia Natoli

Shortly before Valentine’s Day 2019 Penguin Books donated wrapped books for Street Libraries to use as a “Blind Date with a Book” promotion. We were lucky to receive twelve of them. The response from our readers was heart-warming.

Just picked up one of the Penguin wrapped books…. Thank you and Penguin for a lovely surprise today.

Dear Street Library, How lucky was I to receive a prize from Blind Date with a Book. Thank you Penguin for a lovely promotion and thank you to this site, I love coming here.

A year after opening we began to learn more about our readers. We discovered that our Library is indeed a window into the mind of a community.

One day two young men, apparently back from work, were standing in front of the Library. One asked if he could take a book. He was delighted when I told him that he could, and he didn’t need to return it. Saying he hadn’t read a book since he was at school, he picked up a Morris Gleitzman, lit his cigarette, and went on his way, discussing it with his friend.

Someone else wrote:

Thank you Street Library, I have started reading again after many years. I have a favourite author now – Jane Fallon. I am now making my way through her books.

Comments left showed that generations of families were using the Library.

I have borrowed “The Indian in the Cupboard” for a grandchild. I will return.

What a great idea, a lovely addition to our neighbourhood. We have been bringing our grandson each week. Thanks

Our children have really enjoyed your books. Thanks so much

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