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Tricia Natoli

This is where my voice becomes quieter, and the community speaks; the library moves from being my street library to our street library.

Thank you! I love the upcycled fridge and attention to detail with roof rigging and poodle!!

Lovely, beautiful box you have. Very nice and neat and tidy. The best I have seen. It’s terrific

After another hasty trip to Maryborough we were pleased to see people start to donate books, either left in the Library, dropped on the doorstep or, best of all, by knocking on our door and delivering their donation in person.

There began to be enquires about how to set up a Street Library. People left their contact details and I explained how we had gone about it and how to reach the Street Library Australia website.

Now we often found ourselves chatting to people who had stopped to see the latest books, or to ask how the library works. We began to really feel part of our community, and this was felt by others, too.

Thank you for adding community spirit to the street in such a fun way

for doing this for the good of random social interaction.

for sharing your love of reading with the community.

Even more books came in. Were they beginning to take over? We put them in cardboard boxes and stored them in a little passageway at the back of the house. The floor soon looked in danger of collapse. There were murmurings. ‘Do you think maybe we should put some limits on this?’ said the long-suffering EFH. It was time for action. We bought a cedar shed, shelving, and sturdy plastic boxes to store the books in. (This is grandly referred to as the library annexe). Soon we had filled 20 boxes which are rotated weekly.

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