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Pavle Radonic

Language Lessons

Timing same again, the ful chosen today en route somewhere through Seddon cycling over. Three days of noodle salads with spring rolls would have been overdoing it, the threat of MSG added. (The nice smiley butterfly at Huong assured me the Southern Viets used it sparingly; it was the Northerners who gave liberal lashings.) Prior to the plate being delivered we spied an Orthodox long-beard priest opposite in full-length dress doing some shopping. Plenty venerable. A kiss of his hand would bring you your dearest wish, advised AbdulRazak cheekily. Go quick, catch him while you can. Too late, chap was into his late model 4WD KIA and away. Nice motor; an appreciative flock. Egyptian or Greek was AbdulRazak's educated guess.

Today Alex behind the counter was parading her Blogger tee again before a real, true blogger, one with a score of publications now across four continents. Do you think the lass gave a toss? Not bloomin' likely. Of course she had no idea of the fuller import of the doing it better she was advertising and she couldn't be told. In Footscray over half the people on the street would remain blissfully ignorant. One of the chaps was attempting to teach Alex Tigrinya "Thank you". Vastly difficult first hearing. Yakan belle. Another chap when he came in would regularly razz the lass, Why you crying Alex?... Again you crying.... Poor lass failing to turn on all the bulbs with these African smilers needed an uplift. Almost certainly none of the chaps from the Horn here would hit on Alex. 

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