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Notice of Eviction

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Barbara Burdon

There were mixed reactions from those hearing the Manifesto delivered via the morning news and talk shows. Many believed it was a massive hoax created by the greenies and climate action groups to highlight their cause. The majority thought that the aliens could threaten all they liked, but really what damage could they actually do? They soon found out.

The Manifesto had specified that initial action against the main perpetrators would take place within the hour. They specified the locations. The world, now glued to its TVs or streaming services, watched in horror as they hastily set up cameras around the world focused on the world’s capitals, their main government and public buildings. The cameras capture these buildings and all those within.

It was like watching some magic show. Starting from the base the buildings began to slowly disappear, leaving gaping wounds of bare earth. No building debris, or deep evacuation sites, were left behind. Just plain earth. No one could enter these spaces, although the police, the army and the firefighters all tried. Even ordinary citizens, trying to enter these spaces, were held back by some powerful energy field that hurled them back whenever they tried to enter the perimeter.

The erasing continued with more and more of each selected building vanishing from view. Unbelievable images were streaming in from all corners of the globe. Only the roof of the White House now remained, spookily suspended in mid-air. Number 10 Downing St now only remained as a black slate roof hanging alone between its solidly built neighbours. The Kremlin fared no better, while in Paris the Elysée Palace, along with the Palais Bourbon, were also targets. In Beijing the roof of the Great Hall of the People in Tiananmen Square was now all that remained. The headquarters of the Communist Party of China complex in Zhongnanhai also suffered the same fate. In Australia the Parliament building in Canberra, a long low building, had already totally vanished with only the top of the metal 81-metre flagpole remaining suspended above a field of freshly exposed earth. The Lodge in Canberra and Kirribilli House in Sydney, both homes to the Australian Prime Minister, had also almost vanished.

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