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Notice of Eviction

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Barbara Burdon

Your greed has suppressed the sharing of the information we have sent you over the centuries of how to best avail yourselves of all of the free sources of power contained on your Planet. You have hidden and repressed these so that a minute number of you can make billions.

And how about your air? The emissions you have created through your industries, transport and agriculture with very little to no concern as to the damage done. You ruthlessly tear down the forests of the world, knowing that trees are the lungs of the world. Reducing their numbers vastly exacerbates the challenge.

You have poisoned your earth with chemicals. The earth that you inherited was rich with minerals and nutrients. Different parts of the globe support an incredible range of plants, fruits, vegetables and herbs. It still shocks us to see, how you have also added chemicals to your waters that deliberately damage your bodies. Even after all of these centuries of poking, prodding and examination of your bodies, from healthy to decrepit, you are only just beginning to understand the underlying links and relationships between body, mind and spirit.

A song by Nicole Sangsuree says it all.

“Earth my body, Water my blood, Air my breath and Fire my spirit”© John Alevizakis / Alevi Dreamtime Production

Even now, as you listen, you are wondering why the Elders of Meranga have chosen to issue the inhabitants of Earth a Notice of Eviction.  You have one year to the day to make substantial improvements to rectify these issues if you wish to remain on this Planet. Your leaders have not been prepared to take action and so, very shortly, as you watch, they will be removed. We believe that with this removal we are giving the people of Earth the best opportunity to make the necessary changes. We will return in one year to action your eviction or, if enough progress has been made, to review your tenancy agreement.” The Elders all bowed as they faded from sight.

Page 3

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