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Notice of Eviction

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Barbara Burdon

“This extraordinary Notice of Eviction is the direct result of mankind’s lack of respect for Planet Earth. The human race has continued to rape and plunder Earth, regardless of the impact on the Planet itself, let alone the hundreds of millions of species that also call this Planet home. Greed and power alone has been your goal.

When you took stewardship of Planet Earth you also accepted the care of the other species that also inhabit your planet, all three hundred million of them. This is another obligation that you have failed to honour. In the last century, what you call your Age of Technology, you have lost or killed one half of this number, species integral to the maintenance and sustainability of this planet. You fail to appreciate the work and creativity that has gone into the creation and development of each and every species on Earth. At the rate you are heading, in the next hundred years the remaining balance of existing species will be extinct. This includes the human race.

You have chosen to extract oils, gases, minerals and ore from deep within Earth, with no thought of the impact. And even more hidden are your underground nuclear tests. Tearing down forests instead of using sustainable materials. Creating billions of tons of plastic with no thought of the damage they cause, not only to humans but to the many species that inhabit Planet Earth. The list goes on and on. You have behaved like greedy children, only focused on yourselves and your desire for instant gratification or money.

Not only have you created crimes against your own planet, your record of killing your own race is almost unheard of throughout the Galaxy. Killing over 180 million people over the past century is not something to be proud of.

Page 2

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