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Notice of Eviction

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It was one of those occasions where everyone remembers exactly where they were and what they were doing when the broadcasts first hit the airways. News flash, or in some countries URGENT, was splashed across morning breakfast TV screens around the world. A digital clip, just two minutes long, had been received from outer space by the largest nations in the world.

The clip ran at such high speeds that all that was first shown was a blur of colours and sounds that no one could understand. The scientists stepped in to confirm that indeed this digital file had come from outer space. In fact it came from Meranga, one of the smallest planets in our solar system, a planet Earth had only recently discovered.

The file was speedily forwarded to universities and scientific organisations around the world to unlock the secrets of the two minute digital clip. It didn’t take them long to break the code. It just needed to be slowed down by a massive two hundred and thirty thousand times. What had started as a two minute clip was now, at Earth’s speed of delivery, a two hour message from the Elders of Meranga.

The message was not one of support and connection. In fact it was a formal notice of eviction to all the inhabitants of Planet Earth. Small bytes of information were released, or leaked, as the media clip was slowly unravelled.

The Meranga Manifesto, as it became known, stated first and foremost that the human race had been given a vibrant and healthy planet to inhabit. However Planet Earth did not belong to the human race alone. It was a part of the Galactic Worlds that surrounded and included Planet Earth. The inhabitants of Planet Earth had a tenancy agreement, not sole rights.

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