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Sara Jarrold

‘Ah yes I am but I was hoping now that we are alone…in fact I actually need to tell you something before we go in.’

‘Of course, anything.’

Judith hesitated but with a peremptory and urgent tone continued, ‘Jeremy and I are in love. He told me to let it go but I need to take the lead here. I don’t want him to be unhappy any more being married to you. I don’t want us to be unhappy. You have to know. I am sure you have enough decorum not to make a scene now. After all it is your party.’

Polly listened and realized what stunned silence meant. She gazed at herself in the reflection of a richly gilded mirror on the side wall of the foyer. Judith continued, ‘We’ve been together for a couple of years now. I’ve had to take some time off recently to have our child. We told everyone it was a sabbatical.’

‘Oh I see’, Polly still looked at her reflection, whilst listening to the cold accounting of the affair. She wondered how Judith could have the audacity to confront her; but then thought a woman who smashes glass ceilings for a living would have no qualms in breaking up a family, once her maternal instinct was activated.

‘Surely, you must have realised your marriage is over and that he does not love you?,’ continued Judith.

‘Is that what he told you?’

‘Not in so many words, but I can see it when he talks about you.’

Polly pondered for a while, then stopped looking at herself and turned to Judith, ‘How was the birth?’ replied Polly.


‘Recovered well?’

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