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Sara Jarrold

Whilst memorising the guest list to a point, she knew that a few people would be unfamiliar. This must be one of them, she realised beaming. It was Judith. They had not met before but Jeremy had described her so well that Polly did not make a slip. Judith had come over recently from one of the other big four banks and taken up a senior position in Jeremy’s division. They had worked on consortium proposals in the past and been responsible for some of the big projects in Melbourne and Sydney, whilst working for different sides. Now they were on the same team.

‘Hello’, said Polly yanking Judith through the doorway. ‘It’s like the Rains of Ranchipur outside. What a night!’

Judith replied calmly and coldly, ‘Oh yes, sorry, the plane was late. The flight from Sydney was delayed as usual. This rain, I suppose,’ Polly thought that the cold had made her a little stiff; she wasn’t very friendly.

‘I’m Polly. So sorry, but the party has almost started and the usual suspects are all in there,’ pointing to the dining room entry, unseen from the front door due to the frosted glass partition. ‘Jeremy has told me so much about you,’ she proceeded to pour her a glass of champagne and handed it to her.

Judith did not really want it but had no choice but to take it. ‘Thanks,’ she said. Looking around, she continued,’ ‘Look, I didn’t expect to find you here alone.’

‘Oh yes, well Mary is busy so here I am’.

Judith continued, ‘Of course Jeremy has mentioned you a great deal as well.’

‘Congratulations on your new position, Judith, you must be over the moon’. Polly noticed Judith looking preoccupied and not focussing on her attempt at polite banter.

Page 3

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