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Buzz returns to the human habitat the next day and lands on Tommy’s arm. ‘Hey Mum, the fly’s back.’

From inside the house, a voice calls out, ‘Darling, don’t be silly. There are millions of flies out there. How could it remember? Shoo it away and find another insect to look at.’

Instead, Tommy races to the fridge, scoops out half a teaspoon of watermelon and dumps it onto the balustrade. Buzz rises and darts, landing on the treat, extending his proboscis. Truly, it’s something exotic that he has never tasted. He lingers watching the small human holding, dropping and kicking a large blue and white sphere before collecting it again. Every morning, for the rest of the week, Buzz visits his unusual friend.


Buzz’s hairs bend in delight. The small human has left assorted treats. Full after feasting, he dozes on the balustrade and imagines himself floating on a hydrangea leaf with Zip Zip, a female blowie, in a pool of fruit syrup. He is drawn to the bright light, reflected from her wings. She is eager to mate and produce numerous eggs.

Suddenly, deafening sounds disturb his dreams. Buzz zooms to the fence line to investigate. Nearby in a tree bough, the wasp nest is cracked and its occupants pour out.

Covered in a mass of black and yellow, a large creature lays writhing and screaming on the ground. Buzz is mesmerised, but for a moment, something doesn’t feel right. The body and head of the creature begins to swell. Soon it is still and quiet, and the wasps depart, flying over the large blue and white sphere.

Blob, a delegate blowie whirls in, his antennae quivering. ‘Fellow blowies,’ he blusters, ‘this is fly-utopia. The carcass is enormous! Come on ladies. I know you want to drop those eggs.’

Clouds of flies descend upon the bloated carcass. The hum of wings is heightened while houseflies siphon up liquid and female blowies hover for a burrowing spot. 

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