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‘You have three sets of legs, hairs over your body and your eyes cover most of your head,’ Tommy exclaims. ‘Cool,’ and records his findings in an exercise book. Later, he punches a bigger hole in the top, drops in a tiny piece of apricot, and then covers the hole with a piece of sticky tape. Buzz can’t believe his luck. Nectar! The small human has offered him food. They are communicating. No longer afraid, he wants to get out and is fascinated by his captor.

Buzz is kept overnight. In the morning the human checks him out again and deposits some more food, this time it’s a piece of strawberry. Buzz crawls over to it. Soon he is slurping up a treat.

The boy holds up the jar. ‘Have to go to school now. It’s time to set you free so you can go back to your swarm’. Tommy removes the rubber band and paper covering the jar. Buzz’s eyes adjust and absorb the sunlight. ‘Go,’ he commands. Buzz hesitates. Of course, he can’t understand what the boy says, but he welcomes the endless space, fresh air and buzzes off. Swirled and buffeted by the wind, normally Buzz would be agitated, but he doesn’t seem to mind. He has made contact with a small human, and the world is one giant, syrupy cocktail. 

Page 4

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