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Buzz’s sensory hairs over his entire body are rigid. It’s not the reaction he anticipates. Wiping his head with his front set of feet makes him feel better. He recalls venturing inside a mysterious human habitat and hitching a ride on a monstrous one’s back. Buzz’s faceted eyes shine. Flora is absent, but this place is out of his world, full of sweet aromas, with fruit stacked on a wooden landing platform, dissected vegetables and carrion on another. When a roaring sizzling noise erupted under a fire, he escaped through a large opening in the wall. Another expedition, he discovered that humans are more active during the day like them and welcomed the heat. ‘Wouldn’t it be amazing to communicate with them?’ says Buzz.

Winger’s antennae twitch as he shoves his head against Buzz’s. ‘Humans are dangerous. I think that syrup has gone to your head.’  

Page 2

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