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All I Ever Wanted

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Barry Revill

I saw them, these men, they came down the path by the house, and they were just standing there, with bits of paper in their hands, just standing there. And I was watching them, kept watching them, always like to watch strangers, don’t like strangers, there is danger in strangers, that’s what people say, danger in strangers.

But I know all about things, what these men are up to. Mum told me they were just reading the gas meter, but I know things, I watch things, I watch people, I even watch what people think, yes, I can do that, watch what people think. I can tell by the way they screw up their noses when they talk and how they shift from one foot to another when they are uncomfortable with what they are saying, I know all these things.

And sometimes they don’t look you straight in the eye when talking to you but keep looking to the left and the right. I know the difference between the left and the right too, the left side is the opposite of the right side and the right side is the opposite of the left side. So when they call me spasso at school and all those other nasty names, I don’t worry, because I know the difference between left and right, and that is all that matters.

I’m going to watch Mr Stewart next door today. He will come out on his little back veranda because it is Saturday, always comes out on a Saturday does Mr Stewart. He has a little can with water in it and he walks up and down the veranda watering these plants which my mum told me were begonias. And when he gets to the end of the row he goes off again and fills the can with water and does it all again. I know all about begonias because I have watched Mr Stewart and my mum told me it is important to know about things so I know all about Mr Stewart and his begonias so I do not need to say any more about that so that is the finish of it all.

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