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A Letter Home

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James Howard

My dear wife, my darling brown eyes.  How I miss you my love.  Do keep sending your letters – I do so look forward to receiving them.  I hope that you are receiving my letters too, my darling.  You know that I cannot tell you where I am because army censors will just cut it all out – mucking up both sides of the letter page.  I might say, though, that we have lots of tall trees here that are very close together, with lots of branches thickly linking them, and that it’s hot.

O God it is bloody hot … and steamy – the heat never lets up – the sticky heat that clings to you.  Our shirts are soggy with sweat when we take them off but as stiff as boards in the morning.

The centipedes!  You have no idea how big those buggers are.  You have to check your shirts every morning because those blighters get into your shirts and wait for you – and they bite, and their bites are not good for you – not at all.

How is Jimmy Mick?  Is he settling and sleeping quietly?  Tell him Daddy is always thinking of him and will be home as soon as he can be.  Is he still sleeping with the wooden camel I got him from Jerusalem and the wooden elephant from Bombay?  I had so many other things for you my darling and Jimmy Mick, but they all had to be jettisoned when our plane was losing altitude.

Are you sleeping quietly my darling?  O please do keep writing your letters to me.  I look so forward to receiving them.  I try to write to you whenever I can.

You know my darling that I had to enlist when that German fellow, Adolf Hitler, was making such a fuss all over the place. 

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