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A Boatload of Elephants

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Darryl Emmerson

Ranjit just managed to refrain from saying “Gee thanks” to this.

But Maxine was not to be deflected. “But it’s not an us-and-them situation, I don’t think. Aren’t we all immigrants here, one way or another?”

Phil snapped. “Not that stuff again! My lot have been here since 1860, yours too, I’d guess. The indigenous bloke in the next building says his mob has been here for 40,000 years. Ranjit’s been here for ten. Just when do you stop being an immigrant? After 20,000 years? A hundred? Five?”

Donna now began to give wind-up motions, and we realised it was probably time to turn our thoughts to the team building. A minute later the aforesaid facilitator bustled into the room, and declared, “I can tell there’s been a lot of vigorous discussion during the break, I could hear you up the hall! Great stuff, great stuff, but surely in contrast to the rather restrained atmosphere earlier this morning. You've all been holding out on me, haven't you? There’s an elephant in the room, isn’t there? Let’s put it on the table!”.

There didn’t seem to be enough space…

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