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February 2022 Contributors

Neil Blick grew up in a beachside suburb of Melbourne and now lives in regional Victoria. With a background in education and allied health services, he is now reconstructing his life in a more freelance way.

Helen Braun is Melbourne-based and composes stories often influenced and shaped by a strong sense of musicality and many years as a practicing artist. She finds that words become an accompaniment of lyric lines scribing back and forth between makings and writings.

Alison Knight, formerly an English teacher, has had work performed with Melbourne Writers’ Theatre, Peridot and Hartwell theatre companies, and in the 1812 Board Shorts, Madwomen Monologues and the Legends of the Skies. She has also published two novels, Peter Stone and The Close, and a volume of short stories, The Undiscovered Room.

Tricia Natoli was born in Cambridge UK and spent her childhood moving between army bases. With a degree in social work as a “working passport” she moved frequently between Australia, Canada and England. Now happily settled in Ballarat her major passions in life are reading and patchwork.

Barry Revill is a Melbourne-based writer whose works include the short story, Harry, The Kill, and The Doctor. He also wrote eighteen Gardening Muses columns for the Melbourne Age and a monologue, Cry of a Forgotten Woman, performed at Melbourne Writers Theatre. His collection, Both Sides, has recently been issued by Amazon.

Annie Ryall’s writing was born in the fertile theatrical milieu of 70s Melbourne while dropping out of her Arts degree. Since then she has written several comic plays including Uploading the Goddess, performed at The Husk Theatre in 2012.  www.writingbackwards.net

Louise Zedda-Sampson is a Melbourne-based writer, researcher and award-nominated editor. She writes nonfiction, and speculative and literary short fiction. Her writing has appeared in peer-reviewed journals, online and in magazines and anthologies. Her debut book Bowl the Maidens Over was released in 2021. www.louisezeddasampson.com.au