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The Baguette

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Chris Thomson

After more than a minute of this crazy gesturing to and fro, Mark puts his car in park and gets out. As he approaches the woman, trying to remain calm and not show his annoyance, she winds down her window. 

‘Hi.’ says Mark. No reply, and he adds. ‘It looks like you want this parking spot’! 

‘Yes, I do want that spot!’ says the woman curtly. 

‘Well, that’s fine, but you will have to back-up so that I can get out.’ 

‘I don’t have to back-up, there must be something wrong with your driving!’

Mark’s a bit confused about the comment on his driving, as she has only witnessed him slowly reverse for all of half a metre.

‘Look, I don’t know what you’re basing my driving ability on, and I don’t really care, but I do want to go home, you need to back-up.’

‘As I said, I don’t have to back-up!’  The woman now points forward and adds,‘There’s about four metres between you and the car parked in front, so you can just drive out!’ 

Mark looks at the car ahead and realises the problem. He turns back to the woman, who, in his head, he has now named Ms Snappy Pants.

‘You know you are probably right, that car is about 4 metres in front of me.’ With this he notices growing smugness on the face of Snappy Pants. He then adds, ‘But because you are so close to my car you can’t see that the car in front of me is towing a trailer!’  

There are a few seconds silence and then, with the superior look rapidly dissolving, Snappy Pants winds up her window and reverses.  


Page 3

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