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A Perfect Catch

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Elizabeth Terry

Des, inflamed, first at the loss of expensive wine, secondly by his wife’s outfit which he knew would cost him dearly and not just financially, leaped out of his chair, aimed for the waiter, knuckles white with fury, and punched.

Thomas, being resourceful and the best catcher in his cricket team, instantly leaned over to prevent his new father-in-law inflicting serious injury. However at that moment, Laura stepped forward to protect her new, and now in her eyes, even more handsome husband. She had just upgraded her contact lens prescription. But her father miscalculated, and with full force hit his precious Laura on the nose. She yelped, stumbled, then fainted as blood gushed. The $6,500 dress was ruined. Her once delicate nose, now rapidly swelling, resembled a large beetroot.

As Des’s hand was shattered in numerous places, the surgeon indicated it would take a long time to heal and he may never regain full function, let alone play the piano. Morphine quashed Des’s anger. The break in Laura’s nose was severe and just before she was wheeled into theatre the next morning, the plastic surgeon warned her it may never be look the same again and could require further surgery and that she should consider herself lucky her cheekbones and eye-sockets escaped trauma. Judging by her injuries and the damage to her father’s hand, the surgeon asked Laura if she would like to press charges against her father. If so, he would call the police for her.

Thomas and Laura’s marriage survived, despite its rocky start and her lumpy nose, and after a year of squabbling they settled into a peaceful existence. He completed his accounting degree and was promoted to Perth to manage his company’s branch office. They soon had enough for a house deposit and Laura’s laser eye surgery so she longer required contacts. She still had a slight squint. She also had another rhinoplasty. The following year they were blessed with twin boys.

Vince invited out the petite girl with the beautiful smile from Sales. They dined in a casual Italian restaurant in the city which soon became their favourite. They fell in love. He bought her a 1.0 ct. diamond halo-set white-gold engagement ring and they married exactly a year after their first date.

Noreen and Sam flew Business Class to Mexico and never returned.

Des exchanged his piano for a drum kit. He played it once.

Young Sally-Anne gave up dolls, and on her nineteenth birthday married the boy next door. They bought two miniature dachshund puppies which they named Barbie and Ken.

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