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The Last Airport

Page 9

Vacen Taylor

Anna could see the deathly gleam in Mr Last’s eyes. Then two luminous girls appeared in front of the shed door, overseeing his determination to stop their scramble to freedom. 

When Mr Last was five steps away from the Diamond, he raised the axe above his head. The plane’s engine started. Mr Last sliced the air in an arch down towards the plane until the weapon sunk deep into the plane’s metal. Dave taxied down the runway with Mr Last dangling from the axe. As the wheels left the ground, Mr Last’s stumpy fingers began to slide away from the handle. Higher and higher they went until finally, Mr Last let go. Anna peered down to see if the fall was enough to kill him, but he stood and straightened up, as if death had sidestepped around him.  Once again he was the last man standing down there.       

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