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Annie Ryall

The half-built house - plasterboard off in one spot…what was I up to?  Surely I’ve finished.

Case in Point 3 

When shopping at the supermarket I’m careful (Covid careful) to use my own nattily decorated shopping jeep, rather than a supermarket trolley. As I push the jeep up my sloping drive with a full load, the weight of the shopping causes the material part of the jeep to come off its frame, thus twisting my torso awkwardly.  I can already hear my physio bewailing the total neglect of my core muscles which would have prevented such an injury!

Exercise 3 (courtesy shopping jeep prolapse)

Body core strengthening X 10

Knees raised, feet on sheet, cushion between legs, pelvic floor pull-ups

It’s the one I dread because it requires so much effort. Where are those bloody muscles? Am I actually doing them? Should do them more often especially when driving.. seven (was it seven?).. keep going, concentrate… think of a beautifully firm pelvic floor – saving your back!  Incontinence begone.

Case in Point 4

I am careful about preventing fire so have a smoke alarm installed in the kitchen.  When I use the toaster it screams out its piercing sound so I have to frantically wave a tea towel to disperse the smoke and end up straining the rotator cuff on my waving arm..

Exercise 4 (courtesy tea towel waving)

Upper arm strengthening x 20

Lying on right side, place cushion under left slightly bent arm and using fairly hard-to-locate muscle to lift from the elbow up.

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