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The Developer

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Barry Revill

Her thoughts were crudely interrupted by a loud ringing of the front door bell. It could have been ringing for some time, she, lost in her own little world. She rushed to the door.

“Mrs Thorneycroft?”


“I am, Johnson, Peter Johnson, of Delightful Developments, your husband asked me to call in and make some measurements.”


“Yes, we are delighted to tell you we are going to develop this site, along with those joints either side of you into three level units; the back units will even have sea glimpses.”


“Views, Mrs Thorneycroft, views right to the sea, overlooking the canal. This is progress Mrs Thorneycroft, progress, bringing modernity to the area; we must have progress to have development, and development to have progress”.

“Did you study Shakespeare at school Mr Johnson; you have such a delightful turn of phrase?”

“Do you mean, to be and not to be, and all that stuff? Bored me, Mrs Thorneycroft, bored me”


“Mrs Thorneycroft, these old joints, pardon the phrase, have to go, to make way for the new, it will bring vitality to the area, modern is the word Mrs Thorneycroft, modern”.

“But what about my little garden?”

“Garden, Mrs Thorneycroft?

“Yes, garden Mr Johnson, a place of peace, a place I can really do with right now, thank you very much, no offence mind”.

“Of course”. He fiddled with his tie.

“Now, Mrs Thorneycroft, I am going to take some measurements”

“Of me, Mr Johnson?”

“Oh I am so sorry Mrs Thorneycroft, of this property, this land, we have to get it right you know, has to be done proper you know, according to all the rules and regulations, Mr Thorneycroft told me he thought you would understand”.

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