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On the Horn

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Pavle Radonic

Brotherhood and Unity

Nearing quarter after five the chaps were soon to partake. In fact the back tables had cleared again, many of the men returning to their homes for the repast. Four South Sudanese at one window table and an Eritrean Orthodox Christian adjacent. It had always been assumed that the latter was a Muslim. Appearing last week with a couple of scarved women the matter had been raised with AbdulRazak. An Orthodox Christian, by the name of HaileYesus – Hail for short. The woman with her daughter had been a cousin just returned from church. There had been nothing to distinguish the pair from any of the Muslim women on the street. Ten years now the ease and warmth between the Muslims and Christians on the Horn had been witnessed. Back in the day former Yugoslavia had featured similar camaraderie between the religious groups. Where Muslims were a majority, Haile Yesus suggested some days later, all was well between the different groups. On the Horn they had all managed very well. Hearing of the experience on the equator Haile was a little surprised. What, in six years in those parts, not a single sharp, rabid Islamist? Really? Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia together?

Famously, Bratstvo Jedinstvo had been one of the chief slogans in communist Yugoslavia.

In English Haile translated as “power.” For the last emperor Haile Yesus had inadequate English. Fifteen minutes after the enquiry had been made the man returned with an answer. In English Selassie was “trinity”.

– You know trinity? Hail asked.

No wonder AbdulRazak and the other lads in the back row had been unable to provide.

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