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‚ÄčI looked at Jordan's lovely eyelashes and golden hair, then looked back at the ageing Albijam just behind me with ugly teeth and greying beard. Albijam looked at me intently and, as I turned away, leant forward and licked the back of my hair, perhaps thinking it was yellow grass. Was the lick in malevolence or love? If he were a cat or dog, it would be love.

“Albijam is 35. He’s very reliable, an alpha male, a leader. All the camels behind him are still learning from him.” said Tim.

As if on cue a screech came from the rear of the train.

“That’s Amos. It’s only his first week. He’s just 10, our latest trainee. He’s got a lot to learn. Some settle into the job very fast. In a matter of weeks. Not sure about Amos though. The front ones are more experienced as a rule. We have two alpha males. Albijam behind you and Hakim at the very front. We keep them apart so they don't compete. And then there’s Rahila, who you met, who everyone can pat.”

“Tell me about Jordan.” I asked looking at my camel’s ridiculously long eyelashes. I looked down at Tim’s eyelashes. They were ridiculously long as well. Then Tim put on his sunglasses, which was quite disappointing.

“Well, Jordan’s actually my favourite. Don’t know whether he’s really smart with youthful enthusiasm and playing us all for fools, or really, really dumb. He’s naughty though."

“I like naughty, I like a bit of attitude. I have a cat like that. Anyway, in what way is he dumb?”

“Well, he urinates in his own pen. Camels just don't do that. And he’s also a bit of a celebrity.”

“Why? Did someone famous ride him? A movie star?”

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